Creative Woodwork


How do I contact you to pass on my idea?

I love wood and being creative with wood.  This is an important aspect of my own spiritual practice; working with wood is very grounding and helps me to maintain my centredness in my work. Some of my creations are featured in the Gallery on this web site.  While my primary interest is in wood carving, I enjoy using woodturning, cabinet making, and other woodwork techniques in order to realise my creation.  Also, living near the beaches of Gower, I collect a lot of driftwood and enjoy building it into my work.  

To work creatively, I need the same three things that underpin my therapy:

Inspiration - I need to feel inspired by an idea - sometimes my own, sometimes from elsewhere.  My inspiration fuels my creativity.  The size, complexity or originality of the idea is not an issue - even apparently mundane ideas can fire my inspiration.  

Listening - When working on a project, I keep an open mind, listening to the wood and my intuition. I am not afraid to vary the design as work proceeds.  Thus, my creation continuously develops, delights me, and  honours the wood.

Flow - I like to create in a flowing way, working with the natural shape of the wood, in tune with its grain, responding to my listening and honouring my own energy and the energy of my idea.  The outcome can be very different to what I envisaged at the start.  However, listening and flowing means that it is always the right outcome for me and for the wood.  For me, Flow is an essential element in creating beauty and spiritual fulfilment.

I love to receive ideas and suggestions.  If you see my gallery and suddenly have an idea about something I could create in wood, do please call or email me.  Receiving unexpected ideas is an important aspect of Flow and I appreciate the opportunity to create a link with those looking at my website.