Listening Bodywork

Without our being aware of it, our protective response to physical strain and emotional experiences can cause us subconsciously to create holding patterns and structures in our muscles and tissues.  Not only do these patterns prevent us from properly relaxing, they can also create discomfort and pain.  However, with the right support, the body is capable of healing itself.  

In Listening Bodywork, after a short preliminary discussion and observation of your movement, I lightly place my hands on areas of your body identified by my intuitive inspiration and wait for the tissue to respond to my touch. - ‘listening’ for movement.  When the tissue starts to soften, my hands move with it, offering continuing support.    I call it ‘Listening Bodywork’ because I wait for your tissue to let me know what it wants to do and then I flow with it.  My hands are always moving with your body; there is no manipulation.  Listening Bodywork focuses on freeing your body to heal itself and dissolve its structure.  

Sessions take place with you fully clothed, ideally in light, loose clothing  Most of the session takes place with you lying on a massage table.

By the end of a Bodywork session, typically 1 - 1½ hours, you will normally feel relaxed in body and mind, freer in movement, and any aches and pains will often have lessened considerably.

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