Breathwork, sometimes known as Breath Therapy or Rebirthing, is a natural and very powerful self-healing process that can offer a wide range of benefits:

· Basic health – improving circulation, detoxifying the body, reducing stress

· Increased creativity – greater connection to one’s life force

· Strengthening person will – more groundedness , self-recognition and appreciation

· Emotional freedom – letting go of self-judgement and guilt

· Releasing fears – healing one’s limiting beliefs, fears and panics

Successful Breathwork involves listening, inspiration and flow; listening to the client, being sensitive to changes in body and breathing; listening to one’s own inspiration to provide subtle but important interventions of touch, sound, and energy; and letting the whole healing process flow - no attachment to expectations, no forcing, no pressure, just flowing with the client.

To get a sense of how Breathwork is effective, we must understand that our limiting emotional experiences since conception are programmed into our bodies (sometimes referred to as ‘body memory’), not just in our heads.  While we may be aware of this in more extreme examples as, for instance, the person with a heavy emotional burden who walks as if carrying a physical one, it is not always realised that the same link between the emotion and the physical exists in our bodies for all these emotional experiences.  Softening the resulting rigidities in body tissue is an essential part of emotional healing.  It also allows us to relax properly.

As stated above, the rigidities come from our experiences, particularly those early in life – pre-birth, the birth experience itself, and our experiences during childhood within the family, at school, and wherever.  Indeed, it is often said, “When we are young, our experiences shape our attitudes; when we are older, our attitudes shape our experiences.”  These attitudes and the conscious and unconscious thoughts driven by them are creative; we are individually responsible for creating the world as we experience it.  So, if we want to experience life differently, we need to reshape and heal these attitudes, beliefs and fears.  Breathwork offers this opportunity.


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